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The Office BPO's Web and Mobile app

Our Web & Mobile Apps delivers a wide range of real, quantifiable and high-quality software into the hands of customers. Our services aim to integrate all the software functions, from development to operations, within the same cycle

About US  

As a company, our sole purpose is to provide small and mid-sized businesses with Web and Mobile Solutions. We also help you achieve better results through deployment and integration with your existing systems.

Our approach combined with integrated technologies allows us to track business process operations and deliver crucial and timely information with exceptional response time. Our system's architecture is modular, scalable and integrated to maximize automation, and built with future in mind.

Consider us your trusted partner to bring to you the right personnel, processes and tools. You can offload your core activities on to us and focus only on growing your business and not managing it.

what Makes us Special?

We partner with you to provide Web and Mobile Applications that Integrate with your existing systems .  Consider us as a trusted, streamlined and cost-effective extension for all your technological requirements


People are at the core of what we do.  We understand your business and our framework enables us to create efficient business process operations to run your business seamlessly


Without a proper framework and purpose-built and outcome driven processes, all operations will fall apart.  We work with you to localize, adopt and align our best practices to fit your business needs


Our cloud-first, mobile-ready integrated office business operations platform is purpose built. It provides you with GAAP and IFRS compliant financial business process platform to run your business smoothly and effortlessly.


We place data security as the highest priority on our list. With many virtual security checkpoints and safety measures in place, your financial records are protected for confidentiality, transparency and privacy. 

Our methodology

We align our people, process, and technology to meet your business operational needs.  We continuously fine-tune this process with your feedback on the go.

1. plan
2. align
3. run
4. monitor

Unmatched Data Protection and Security

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Data Confidentiality

all client-related information is protected from unauthorized and unconsented distribution and dissemination. With many virtual security checkpoints and safety measures in place, your financial records are protected for confidentiality, transparency, integrity and privacy. Our cloud platform ensures recovery of data in case of any unforeseen circumstances. 

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Data Encryption 

Access to data is protected by passwords and only authenticated users/employees can view/ handle data. We also guarantee all the sensitive information will be placed under sound safety measures and is handled by trusted personnel only. With our thorough encryption measures in place, all the data is surrounded by impenetrable protection layers

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Data Security

We have security personnel on location all the time to ensure the server room is guarded closely. Access-only through key cards to the server room ensures only dedicated employees will be able to enter the place. Also, all the transactions you perform through us are paperless and hence physically neither traceable nor removable/destroy-able. 









Our value proposition

We understand your business.  We combine the latest technology and industry best practices to align it with our machine-augmented human performance to get you the best-in-class service at affordable prices


We are creative problem solvers.  We harness the collective power of people, process and technology to provide you with innovative and simple solutions.


Our extensive documentation and training will provide you with ample information to integrate our services to your company's business.


We invest in you, our customers. We integrate our processes with your business so that we become an extension of your business.


Our solutions are based on the latest cloud and mobile technologies, advanced machine learning algorithms, and business analytics.  

Best Support

To keep your business running uninterrupted is our number one priority.  Our support infrastructures, SLAs, are developed to ensure just that.


We’ve kept our pricing very simplified and completely in tune with the scope of our service offerings.  Remember, we manage the people, process and technology - for you.

one-stop service - people, process, technology
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Our Price

One price for everything: People, Process and Technology. No separate licenses.
Just pay for the service.

What's included?

The software, hardware, process design, KPI reporting and the people to run it. 

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We would love to hear from you.  Call us to get a free consultation as to how our web and mobile apps can boost your development.

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